Saturday, June 7, 2014

from the studio: 6.7.14

zach medler art

when we signed up to do the INDIEana Handicraft show, one of my goals was to create a new, and more robust, line of bags to unveil.  last fall i jumped feet first into my first bag making experience with the robot head bags, and after learning from mistakes and discovering issues in my methods, i rethought my approach.

zach medler linocut

zach medler art

zach medler art

INDIEana Handicraft Exchange 2014

i started by printing yards of fabric with solid colors and patterns.  then i cut each piece into the sized panels for the bags.  i approached each panel individually, creating, 30+ different print collages.  yesterday, i began constructing the bags.  the first couple were a bit of a discovery process, but by #3 i had my method down.  i used zippers and interfacing for the first time, and i must admit, can't believe i didn't use these sooner.  i actually love being able to structure things using the interfacing.  i've got 12 bags completed, and now i'm going to head back to the fabric shop, so i can make a few padded iPad bags as well.  

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