Thursday, June 12, 2014

from the studio: 6.12.14

INDIEana Handicraft Exchange 2014
'american neogothic'
the rush to the end for INDIEana Handicraft is on.  i've got the screen built, the work made, and now i've got to finish out all the little details.  mindy rediscovered all the clay beads she made while we were still playing in the mud, and made some great keychain/zipper-pull/deeny-danyo/dangly things to go with (or without) the new bags we made.  now it's on to pricing, labeling, signage, blahity blahity blah blah stuff to do.

a little about what we will be bringing to the show.  i've been working on lots of new ideas, media and techniques this year.  mostly i've been looking for ways to bring my linocuts to something other than just a framed sheet of paper.  my stencils have always been used haphazardly across all media, but the block prints are a bit more dicey when it comes to inconsistent surfaces.  so wheatpaste seems to be a solid solution.  plus i like the layers i can get by pasting and destroying things.

we will be bringing with us a selection of small, medium and large prints and on paper or cardboard, original cards, stuffed plush everything small (and now large too), painting/print collages small and large, the new clutch bags, a few iPad bags, a few tote bags, dangling beads on a clip, and probably some things i've already forgotten that we made.

letter blocks say what

letter blocks say what

now just to finish out a few details then we'll see you all on saturday afternoon at the Harrison Art Center in Indianapolis.

zach medler art

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