Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Button Box Zinnia

I always get anxious before I leave for a long trip overseas. I find I start worrying about everything, I sweat the smallest stuff, and I get overwhelmed by some crazy need to clean the entire house. This afternoon, I took a much needed break in the garden. It had finally stopped raining, the humidity was subsiding, the temperature was comfortable, and Zach was out teaching his class. So it was just the cat and I. We hung out under the grey clouds and snacked freely on the strawberries (for me) and cat grass (for him).

The button box zinnias are giving me a cheerful, colorful send-off before I leave for Singapore tomorrow!

Aren't they beautiful? I honestly wasn't expecting a 2-foot tall plant when we started growing these! "Button box" sounds small to me. But I am glad we have them in the garden. They are so carefree, so happy looking, and so easy to grow!

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