Saturday, June 21, 2014

Garden Update: First Day of Summer (June 2014)

it's the first day of summer, and our garden is already getting out of hand.  mindy leaves on wednesday to visit family back in singapore for a few weeks, so we thought today would be a good day to kind of take stock of where we are at.

9 different kinds of peppers for roasting, pickling, and eating!
4 varieties of eggplants
6 different kinds of tomatoes, all for making sauce and paste
container gardening
minibel tomato, for snacking
we've harvested out all of our spring beets and carrots, radishes and turnips and made room for all the summer goodies.  our sauce/paste tomatoes have already grown over the tops of their cages, and look like they are going to be pretty heavy producers.  our peppers all have little flower buds on them that look like they are ready to start blooming any day now.  the eggplants are coming along nicely after an early fight-to-the-death with a batch of flea beetles.  glad to say the eggplants (and i) won that battle.

mindy seems to be leaving just in time for me to enjoy all of the raspberries and the blueberries on our plants.  there's not many, but we're getting better at understanding how to prune and manage the plants, so hopefully next year we will have a stronger crop.

our 'wild' and everbearing strawberries are still producing and sending out flowers, while our classic indiana berries have finished up.  most all of the herbs have outgrown their pots, and i've already dried two rounds of oregano.

here's some pictures of some of the other plants ...

container gardening
Empress of India nastutium 
container gardening
Moonlight nasturtium
container gardening
clemson spineless okra
container gardening
washington navel orange
button box zinnias

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