Friday, January 3, 2014

{Five for Friday} Let's start with ... cookies!

We're starting a weekly series called "Five for Friday" on the blog, where we share five random (yet related) things.

Since it is brrrrrrrrrr cold here in the midwest, let's start this series off with something super comforting: five cookies to warm up with. Here are my five favorite cookie recipes ...

brown butter sugar cookies! This is a new recipe I tried recently. It's good for those days where you just want a simple sugar cookie, but yet not one that came out of a pre-mixed bag. This recipe is easy. Try it!

old-fashion chocolate chip walnut cookies! Ahhhhh ... of all the chocolate chip cookie recipes that we've tried over the years, this one is my favorite. You can jazz it up (nuts, toffee bits, etc) or you can stick to the original.

saltine toffee cookies. These are also known as "crack" cookies because they are so addictive! I tend to make this one at Christmas time because the toffee seems extra festive to me!

peppermint chocolate cookies. This is Rachel Ray's recipe. I made it one time and gobbled the whole thing down before I could share it with anyone else. It's yummy.

cookie dough. This one's for Zach. He loves to eat raw cookie dough. I frown upon it because I don't like the idea of eating raw eggs. So this is the compromise. Cookie dough made without eggs, to be enjoyed unbaked.

Hope you try some of these recipes!

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