Friday, January 10, 2014

{Five for Friday} Kitschy Knick-Knacks

Remember the gorgeous wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling bookshelf that Zach built for me two years ago?

It was already struggling to keep up with our staggering amount of books, and now it also has to house all the kitschy knick-knacks I refuse to part with! I might have a minor hoarding problem. Or I might just be sentimental. Either way, here are five random knick-knacky things that are taking up precious real estate ...

* a pair of mallard ducks. My mom bought this for Zach and I when we were in the midst of prepping for our wedding. They are, according to her, a symbol of luck and happiness in a marriage. I don't get it but the ducks now live on the bookcase.

* a mini pottery hut. We picked this up when we were in Seoul last year. I thought the rooster (you can only see his head!) on the roof was quite the hoot!

* Old shepherd with a lamb on his back. When my friend Mary was dying from breast cancer, she invited me over to her home for one last visit. She insisted on giving me this very beautiful wooden carving that her mother-in-law bought in Israel to remember her by. I love it. I'm never throwing this away.

* Jolly Buddhas! We used these as place holders and take-home gifts for guests at our wedding dinner. Zach and I kept a pair for ourselves and here they are on the bookshelf!

* Want to know who loves kitschy knick-knacks more than me? My mom! She was in Taiwan recently and bought this for me. I'm wondering, for those of you out there who also have cats, do you find that people are often buying you cat knick-knacks? :)

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