Friday, March 23, 2012

unfinished ...

lately everything has felt like it's in a state of unfinished.  the studio is unfinished.  the prints are unfinished. the tshirts.  the cards.  the houses.  living arrangements.  everything.  moving away from clay has been strange, like i'm missing something or forgetting to do something.

the last 2 days i built the walls and racks and pedestals for what will be our booth at the indiana artisan marketplace next weekend.  last night mindy and i went to the studio to load the walls into the van and see how much room we had left.  after being greeted by the loud-ass-headache-inducing-bullshit-metal that the people i share my studio with were blasting through the building, i began stuffing walls in the back of the van.  one, two, three hinged double panels and one wall with a clothes rack in the middle and a shelf, and two pedestal benches.  wait, those pedestals won't fit.  well, it was a disaster and i was red-faced pissed.  the blasting metal bullshit didn't help.  there was no room left.  none.  all i got in the van was the walls.  so unless i'm just showing off my carpentry skills (which i lack), i'm gonna need to re-evaluate this situation.

this morning after re-thinking, i will eschew the shelf since we have very little sculpture anyhow, and build another pedestal bench to hold the houses.  i pray it all fits in there this time.  ugh.  the business of selling things everyone likes but don't want to buy, sucks.  sometimes i think it would be wonderful to show up to an office at 8 and go home at 5, put my feet up in a la-z-boy chair and not remember what it is i did in the time i was awake.  but then, i remember that while i hate getting frustrated with a career in who-knows-what, an actual 'career' would whittle me into nothing worth thinking about.

so, today, it's back to the studio, (hopefully it won't be flooded, since it rained like hell last night) to finish up the last of the t-shirts, bags, books, and cards.  mindy is coming with me to help, which i love.  i like my space in the studio, but she is probably the one person who does not hinder me while i'm working.  she's inspiring.  other people seem to be soul-sucking,  like an anesthetic vaccuum in the studio.  i wish it only sucked up the dirt and dust on the floor.

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