Saturday, March 31, 2012

IAM: Artists and Foodists Part 2

We've been so busy prepping for and working the Marketplace that I just realized it's the last day of March.  Most last days of March fly by without much significance, but not this one. Today is the last day we have cable subscription. Tomorrow we will magically wake up to find only 22 channels on our TV, most of which will probably be some type of home shopping network. I had wanted to be through with the evil empire that is Comcast, but they are the only DSL providers where we live. And while we can do without TV, we sure can't live without the internet! At least with this reduced package, we're not paying for 200+ channels and complaining about having nothing to watch ...

Today is also the second day of the Indiana Artisan Marketplace; the first day the show is open to the public. The crowds that came gathered well before 10am. They were a spirited group in search of a deal. We stayed busy for most of the day, but whenever we had a chance, we went around handing out more questionnaires and collecting the ones that were done.

In this blog post, we'll be featuring interviews with an Indiana potter and a foodist from Kentucky.

Kathy Archer, of Howard's Creek Authentic Beer Cheese, is a member of Kentucky Proud, a highly honored juried art/food program similar to Indiana Artisan. Kathy was our neighbor at this show last year. If you're not familiar with it, beer cheese is a flavored sharp cheddar cheese spread made with beer. You can find Howard's Creek online here. Their website is filled with recipes too, so if you want to know what you can do with beer cheese, definitely get your inspiration from there.

Kristy Jo Beber Stoneware Pottery

Kristy Jo Beber is an Indiana potter we got acquainted with through Facebook. We finally met her in person when she did the Round the Fountain Art Fair in Lafayette (Indiana) last year. Kristy does a ton of art fairs in the summer and you can keep up with her show schedule on her website and on Facebook. You can also find much of her work at The Orchard Gallery in Fort Wayne, Indiana. This is Kristy's first year at the show. Please stop by her booth (421) if you come to the show tomorrow!

Now their answers ...

What's your least favorite customer question?
Kathy: Are they both the same?
Kristy: What's this for (about a bowl, etc.) You wouldn't think a bowl would need an explanation.

Do you work in any other media besides what you have here today?
Kathy: No. We only do one! Howard's Creek Authentic Beer Cheese!
Kristy: I like to dabble in a little bit of everything but clay keeps me quite busy. i did create a 2nd body of work last spring, more colorful and whimsical ... but still clay ...

If you could write a recipe for your artwork, what would the ingredient list read like?
1. Howard's Creek Authentic Beer Cheese
2. Put on favorite fresh or cooked vegetable and devour!
3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 until satisfied!
1. mud + fire: 50% each
2. add swirls, dots, circles, and trees to taste
3. enjoy forever and ever

What are your thoughts on "art" vs. "product"? What about "craft" vs. "art"?
Kathy: Howard's Creek is our product, but it's an art to make! Howard's Creek Authentic Beer Cheese is a crafted artisan cheese.
Kristy: art is ART! "Product" sounds so impersonal ... mass produced.
(As for "craft" vs. "art") Oh boy! I think the word "craft" now has negative connotations because of the items at school and church "craft bazaars" ... flowers glued to a headband, etc.

How do you deal with artist's block?
Kathy: I eat more Howard's Creek Authentic Beer Cheese.
Kristy: I have shows lined up and know I NEED to make work all the time. Just being in the studio so many hours forces the creativity. I do enjoy visiting galleries/museum shows and try to do so at least once a month.

What do you do to pass time in your booth?
Kathy: Answer questionnaires like this while I eat Howard's Creek Authentic Beer Cheese and laugh a lot!!!!
Kristy: I am a total people watcher!

Zach will be posting interviews with the members and consignment artists of Artists' Own tomorrow. Al Knight, Sara Van Kooten Vanderkleed, Mary Thomas Firestone, Mark Needham, Lisa Hopkins, and Karen Hampton are all at the Marketplace too so stop by and see them as well!

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