Friday, March 23, 2012

lean mean block printing machine

mindy and i went to the studio early today to do all the paper printing we had left to do before the indiana artisan martketplace next weekend.  it rained hard over night and through the morning so the first thing i did was check to see if the flood came back in the studio.  the guys working on the building cleaned out the drain in front of the garage door and built a retaining wall along the edge to divert the water that rushes off the hill toward the river.  luck would have it that it works.  the keith haring knock-offs i drew in the new cement held the water back.  and the fence row of super heroes i sprayed on the wall did their job in keeping the water at bay.

once i got over the joy of no more flooding i realized i forgot everything i had to work on, so i ran home again while mindy wandered around the studio prepping our space for printing.  we ended up making 250 post cards and greeting cards, every one different, mostly featuring our most popular images, as well as some new images we hope everyone will enjoy.  since dropping clay for the first time in ever, cards and small size prints will have to become our 'bill-payer' item.  they are toned down versions of some of the larger prints i've done, using as few blocks as possible to create the story.  these are something that we are intending to keep affordable, so i can't spend 2 hours putting 47 layers on one piece.  instead i'm focusing on trying to simplify my stories to be told in about 4-5 layers.  they are fun and thoughtful and a great way to communicate, and with mindy's help they went pretty quickly.

now we're on our way to our local crappy big box art/shit supply store (aka hobby lobby, aka hob nob, aka snobby lobby) to pick up some matt board to mount the prints to...

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