Sunday, March 25, 2012

the first spring day of spring

i spent the majority of the day in the studio printing t-shirts.  mindy brought me a sandwich for lunch and checked to make sure i wasn't making anything weird.  she keeps me on task like that.   when i got home she was working on an arugula basil pesto.  it smelled awesome, but then we tried it.  ugh.  recipes can encourage the addition of WAY too much salt sometimes.  she was quite upset with the pesto, so we decided to go for a walk to get away from it.  mindy had never been to celery bog, so we decided we'd take the short drive and walk on the trails.  we were immediately taken by all the new green in the woods.  we walked and talked about how we might develop collaborative work with her cousin, bernice, who works in the fashion industry.  we tossed ideas and intentions back and forth passed the black water rotten bog full of ducks and robins, squirrels and people with strollers, cameras, tripods, backpacks, bullshit, and walmart in the distance.  it was such a beautiful day: the first spring day of spring (it's been hot as hell here the last 3 weeks or so).

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