Monday, March 26, 2012

more block print t-shirts

The t-shirts that Zach made over the weekend are more than amazing. You might think I speak of them with much bias. But the truth is, all the shirts are one of a kind, handmade pieces of wearable art. You won't ever have to worry about making the "Who wore it best?" headlines when you wear these shirts.

Every shirt starts with an original hand-carved linoblock image. Zach draws them:

... carves them (some images are made out of multiple layering blocks)

zach medler

... tests them

zach medler block print

and finally, he prints them.

zach medler

We have a limited number of these shirts and we hope to sell them all at this weekend's Indiana Artisan Marketplace. If you live in the area, do stop by the Indiana State Fairgrounds to see us! We'll be at booth 238! 



Peculiar as hell--way to go :] I esp. like the birdcage and the fox!

Zach Medler said...

thanks Tom! "peculiar" is cool with us! :)

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