Monday, March 12, 2012

everything but smooth

ok.  so moving the studio has been a pain in the ass.  it had to be smooth.  it has been everything but.  i've had to put ceramic work on hold for a while (i don't know for how long, but a while).  but i'm trying to be positive about it and focus on expanding my 2D work and experimenting with media outside of clay.

i've always relied on clay.  it is comfortable for me.  it is responsive and easy for me to use and work with.  it pays my bills.  however, it can also be a liability.  and i hope that reluctantly putting it on pause for a while will allow me to have to think about making art in a very different way.  and certainly without the safety net that clay provides for me.

Portland clay studio, 2006-2011

p.s. ... therefore we only have a limited supply of clay pieces left. help us clear out our Etsy shop and make way for new 2D work -- use coupon code SPRINGCLEAN for 15% off until the end of March.

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