Thursday, September 4, 2014

tour bus: traveling broke and out of gas (part 2)

 Zach and Patrick finished painting the "Traveling Broke and Out of Gas" tour bus today.

This second side features band members, fist of beets, thicket, a sign that says "you're being watched," and the words "Straight Veggie Oil," because, well, this cool bus is fueled by waste veggie oil!

p.s. check out the other side of the bus here.

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Abraham Yates said...

It's so amazing that that tour bus is fueled and powered by waste vegetable oil. That is such a clever invention. Using vegetable oil as fuel will really help preserve our environment, because it won't cause any pollution. What's even more amazing is that the exterior of the bus is really cool too. Thanks for sharing that, Mindy! All the best to you!

Abraham Yates @ Apache Oil Company

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