Friday, September 12, 2014

new murals at stormfront productions

i painted a few different murals for Stormfront Productions here in lafayette last night and then again this afternoon.  i was honored they asked me to create in their space, and it's an awesome space.  the office is housed on the top floor of the fountain trust building on the corner of 3rd and Ferry.  it's a beautiful, old, brick flour mill, actually.  the office space is surrounded by soft brick walls, big windows, and original wooden structural beams.  it was a great place to get to install.

zach medler

i started with a robot character mural in the main co-working space.  the painting features a cast of robots looking in different directions and doing robot things.  this is the main space, so i wanted to create something fun and welcoming, and the robots are certainly that.  plus they are quite interesting, because of all of the detail in the patterns and gears.

stormfront productions mural

zach medler mural

i also painted a formerly very boring white wall in an office.  the wall sits behind the owner's desk and i thought i should create something like an updated take on the classic office cityscape.  i made a 5 foot wide stencil of downtown lafayette, looking down from union st.  the fountain trust former flour mill, is situated toward the center in red.  i laid down a ghost print in grey with the stencil, then i painted in all of the color by hand, trying to keep the lines loose and expressive.  i added the river and the railroad tracks and more of the landscape outside of the stencil.  then i put the stencil back up and sprayed in the black.  i really like this image, and i really like the blownout abstraction underneath the stencil: that clean edge of the black contrasting with the expressive strokes of color.  this is the first place it's been painted, but i may have to use it again.

lafayette indiana mural

the third and final piece i did was in the conference room. the space was challenging to work in.  there's a weird hole in the wall with a pair of legs hanging out and the shape of the room and the overhang of the drop ceiling really enclose the space in what is an otherwise very open and airy place.  so, i felt like my challenge was to create something that gave some air to the room and some depth the space.  so i painted a skyscape of an approaching storm.  i built up layers of billowing clouds and a rising cumulonimbus column that trails off into a few puffy high clouds in a blue sky above a low horizon landscape.  the clouds are interspersed with stenciled pattern fragments and the blue sky in the background has a subtle damask pattern.  there's a row of power lines and a few birds hanging out in the corner.

zach medler

zach medler

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