Friday, September 26, 2014

Small Spaces: Latest pieces at Haywood Printing

The Small Spaces artists have been busy painting up Haywood Printing Company! Here are some pictures of the new works.

cathryn english
artist: Cathryn English
carrie wing
artist: Carrie Wing
artist: Alejandra Carrillo-Munoz
aaron bumgarner
artist: Aaron Bumgarner
pete brown
artist: Pete Brown
temre stanchfield
artist: Temre Stanchfield
sagan newham
artist: Sagan Newham
richard brumbaugh
artist: Richard Brumbaugh
bethany hohman
artist: Bethany Hohman
artist: Jason Profant
aaron bumgarner
yarn bomb, artist: Aaron Bumgarner
lisa wicka
artist: Lisa Wicka

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