Monday, September 15, 2014

Small Spaces: Painting at Haywood Printing

Yesterday was great painting weather so we had lots of artists out painting for Small Spaces. While Cathryn English painted rabbits on the wall by McCords Candies (on the corner of 6th and Main), everyone else worked on the walls of Haywood Printing Company.

cathryn english

cathryn english

Grant Lutz, 

grant lutz

act crew

Richard Brumbaugh,

richard brumbaugh

and Paul Meadows from The Tattooed Heart each did a piece.

paul meadows

haywood printing company

Paul and Richard's second piece of the day:

Zach did "Robot Yearbook."

zach medler

small spaces lafayette

Sagan Newham started on her piece,

sagan newham

and Lisa Wicka finished up her second for the project. 

lisa wicka

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