Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Paper Snowflakes (to mark the end of summer)

Zach and I have always loved cutting paper snowflakes. We roped in family members to help cut hundreds of them for our December wedding. Last year, we cut up a whole bunch for the winter display at Artists' Own. But lately, we've really taken the art of paper snowflakes to new levels of coolness! We cut a fancy bunch for Becoming Place Becoming Human.

On Monday, I spent the afternoon cutting out a kitty-themed snowflake as suggested by my friend, Juanita (of JuanitaTortilla). I gave it a floral border, and used cats, potted plants, leaves, a house, petunias, butterfly, and four-leaf clovers to fill in the space. Two hours and a painful callous later ...

the word "meow" is inverted in places, my four-leaf clover looks like an inverted butterfly, my potted plant (which was supposed to look like a flower) looks like a pot plant, and my snowflake is square!

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