Saturday, February 15, 2014

Teapots and Tea Cups

zmedceramics etsy
zmedceramics etsy

Remember when Zach used to work in clay? That seems like ages ago! I thought since I featured 5 tasty teas to try yesterday, I'd feature some old teapots of Zach's, and some new and gorgeous tea cups you can buy on Etsy today. 

Teacup, tea cup, tea mug, stoneware cup, wood fired teacup, cup and saucer - KTJohnstonPottery
Teacup, tea cup, tea mu...
Doily Patterned Cappuccino Cup and Saucer with Peach and Moss Green - ebenotti
Doily Patterned Cappucc...
MADE TO ORDER Drippy Gold Polka Dot Cloud Cup and Saucer Set - SilverLiningCeramics
MADE TO ORDER Drippy Go...
porcelain espresso cup with translucent bottom - stepanka
porcelain espresso cup ...
Porcelain Trout Yunomi  ( Hand Painted Brook Trout) Unique and One of a Kind - markchuck
Porcelain Trout Yunomi ...
ARITA-YAKI Jiki Japanese traditional Porcelain Tea Cup made in JAPAN - MOTTOJAPAN
ARITA-YAKI Jiki Japanes...
Handmade White Stoneware Small Tea cup Yunomi glazed with Nuka and Alberta Slip - shyrabbit
Handmade White Stonewar...
hand built translucent porcelain cup and dish - lynswan
hand built translucent ...
Flame Tail Yunomi: Handmade. Wood Fired Porcelain Yumomi With Large Side Wadding Mark, Circle Line,Tea Bowl, Tea Ware, Incised Line,Chawan - BenCirginPottery
Flame Tail Yunomi: Hand...
small yunomi (cat) - almapottery
small yunomi (cat)
Salt glazed cup with dogwood flowers pottery mug - MorrisPottery
Salt glazed cup with do...
shino cup with purple and green flowers and a jade green interior - BlackForestPottery
shino cup with purple a...
Porcelain Tea Bowl - StoneCeramics
Porcelain Tea Bowl
Cityscape Yunomi 04 - jhowepottery
Cityscape Yunomi 04
Sgraffito Indian Flower Design Tumbler with Color (Porcelain) - RebeccaAGrantCeramic
Sgraffito Indian Flower...
Blooms and Bunnies Cappuccino Cup and Saucer - laughingorangestudio
Blooms and Bunnies Capp...

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