Friday, February 21, 2014

{Five For Friday} 5 favorite NYC street art works we saw

anymore, my favorite way to see art is on the street.  look up, look down, look around corners and in inset spaces.  you can find all kinds of interesting pieces by known and unknown artists.  it's fun to visit the different neighborhoods and boroughs in NYC on an art scavenger hunt.  we'd never visited williamsburg in brooklyn before, so we made it our street art search day.  here are 5 favorites from the city!

1.  ROA- corner of n. 5th st. and berry in williamsburg

2. cake, sofia maldonado, joe iruato, lny, gilf!, veng/rwk, and icy and sot- wall on n. 10th between roebling and union ave in williamsburg


sofia maldonado
joe iruto- the inscription reads: 'of all that breathes and crawls across the earth, nothing is feebler than man.'
veng, aka RWK
icy and sot

3.  maya hayuk- houston and bowery wall

4.  never and the yok- roebling st. between n. 10th and 11th in williamsburg

5 (tie).  Faile- from williamsburg and at the snooty-ass opera gallery in soho

at opera gallery in soho

also opera gallery

5 (tie).  Swoon at the Opera Gallery-i love swoon's work and she is getting a lot of recent acclaim for her work with kids and issues of addiction.  these are hand-colored linoblock prints.  and we all know how i love prints :)

opera gallery
opera gallery

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