Sunday, February 16, 2014

Back in NYC

The winter in Indiana has been exceptionally rough this year.  We've had more snow than I ever remember, and Mindy and I have been cooped up in the house for too long.  We decided it was long enough.  So we jumped ship and headed to NYC for a couple of days.  It is maybe only slightly warmer than Indiana, but there are a lot of better food options than we have back home.  And well, Mindy and I tend to be gastro-travelers.

We arrived in the city just around dinner time and after dropping our bags off at the hotel (we skipped airb&b for this trip) food was our first destination.  We hit up Tertulia on 6th ave in the west village, and it was a great place to open our trip.  They have a really interesting menu of authentic Spanish tapas, that have some cool creative twists.  We began with a salad of smoked, pickled and raw beets.  A smoked beet?  Sure why not.  A carving board of 18-month aged Serrano ham.  Yes please.  Grilled octopus.  Ok.  Clams with bacon and artichokes.  Of course.  Each dish we consumed felt more indulgent than its predecessor.  Most places make creme brûlée with a torch.  Tertulia makes it with a branding iron.  Just plain cool.  

Tertulia is loud energetic and crowded.  The staff is friendly and helpful in explaining a menu foreign to my Hoosier brain, but the main feature is that badass wood fired oven they use in creative ways for almost everything on their menu.  It's a fun place to eat, chat, and have some drinks, and really, I was expecting to spend more than I did.

Then, we walked back to our hotel under the full moon in the icy wind.  And made a stop at Grom.  Grom has been a west village beacon shining at us through the years and many trips to NYC.  Red Mango eat your heart out.

Tomorrow brings the sunshine and I can't wait to go explore.  For now, with my belly full of goodness, I'm off to dream delicious dreams.

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