Tuesday, February 11, 2014

from the studio: 2.11.14: 'thicket'

here's a new cartoon from the studio today.  it's a short, one minute look into the 'thicket' of indiana.  i'm using my prints, stencils, and drawings to build these layers, and now i'm beginning to investigate the z- axis a bit more and gain depth from my flat layers.  i got away from the flat-scene paper drawings that i've been using for the sketchbook projects, and am getting back to using my prints more.  i like the layered look and the textures they give the animation.

the most difficult part of doing these short animations is sound.  at least for me it is anyway.  i'm not a really well versed musician.  i tend to have poor timing and rhythm and have no understanding of pitch.  in other words, i have no ear.  but i feel like these moving images need sound.  they don't have to speak or converse, but there has to be sound.  so i like to fill the backgrounds with appropriate environmental sound and then put some bit of music over the top.  typically i'll use a guitar lick or some simple pick or strum pattern.  but the music is important to try to produce the mood of the space i'm creating.  but it is no less important than the layers of environmental sounds that produce the space for the images.  

without further ado.....here's the feature......

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