Tuesday, September 24, 2013

robox: comedy on the steps of the art world

robox: on the steps of the art world
mca chicago, 9.23.13
photo credit to mindy
yesterday mindy and i spent the day in chicago.  none of the places we really like to visit were open, because it was monday, but we found ways to have fun anyhow.  we ate at our favorite spots, GTs Fish and Oysters and Yuzu, and drove around a bit in some places we had not yet explored.  while aimlessly driving down halstead we saw a great little patch of what looked to be good graffiti, including an icy and sot up on a roof top.  so perhaps, next visit we figure out how to get to it.

then i wanted to do something a bit shameful in the gallery/museum art world.  i decided robox should be at the MCA, so we grabbed a few handfuls and set them up at the MCA.  ok so maybe this is trying a bit too hard.  but who gives a shit.  it was fun and i think the photo on the steps is great.  a couple of guys who were wandering around saw us setting up and then approached us, and seemed to really enjoy it, taking pictures and moving then around.  i gave them each one to take home.  a little comedy on the steps of the art world never hurt anyone.  now that i think about it, it is kind of an appropriate comment on my place outside the art world.  on the steps, but not in the building.

after playing around on the steps we decided to take some around michigan ave as well.  we struggled with the wind and sun, but it was cool and comfortable, and we had fun just wandering doing nothing really, playing with our photo toys.
we also took some around michigan ave.  here they sit in traffic.
and then the breeze of speeding cars happened.

from the river walk.

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