Wednesday, September 18, 2013

attica mural: 9.18

attica indiana mural

ladonna and i put in a little more work on the mural today and some of the lower details are starting to come in. we worked on the bookshelf a bit and around the stand where the lamp sits, but we were only out for a couple of hours.  while walking around town, i found a bunch of classic blue and white porcelain pottery around in the windows of antique shops, so i added a stack of mugs and a bowl, using a stencil and some free hand techniques.  i like how the sharpness of the stencil and looseness of the freehand lines work together to create the image.  i'm finding that the different styles of working can be challenging to manage.  i like how things blend together but also stand apart.  the real challenge is going to be making sure that everything is consistently spread around the wall.  but in the end i think that the blending of styles will be the strength of the piece.

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