Friday, September 13, 2013


There's nothing quite like the experience of driving on Purdue's West Lafayette campus. The conditions on the road are so bad i no longer want to drive myself to school if Zach can take me. The students are careless and reckless. As pedestrians, they have their eyes glued to their phones and music blasting in their ears, they cross roads with a mistaken sense of entitlement, an attitude of challenge, and an air of invincibility. As motorists, they drive like maniacs, hot heads, and fools. And just to add to the mess, there are too many cyclists who do not observe the laws of the road when they are riding. These feckless students are, no doubt, the reason for the increasing number of accidents.

As a solution to the growing problem, Purdue now uses crossing guards during peak hours on campus. And no, I'm not making this up. Crossing guards for college students. Crossing guards Purdue calls PSA - Pedestrian Safety Advocates. How's this for a better PSA (public service announcement): PAY ATTENTION!!!!!

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