Saturday, September 28, 2013

butterfly and painting in attica

when i woke up this morning and let the cat outside something caught my eye sitting on our chair.  olestra, the other caterpillar we found in the garden, had emerged.  we, quite honestly, thought she was dead.  the saran wrap we kept over the dish had long been thrown away.  i guess i'm glad i caught her before she flew all over the house.  i picked her up on my finger and then took her outside.  i put her on one of mindy's favorite flowers and watched her flap her wings a bit.  i couldn't stay to watch her fly away, because i had to get to attica to paint more on the mural.  but here are some pictures i took while she was still rubbing the gravel from her eyes.  i'm sorry mindy missed this, we had waited so long for her to emerge that we really had given up on her.

my favorite picture perhaps.
free at last.
stretching her wings
cool little peddle car
after playing around in the garden a bit i drove to attica to paint.  we worked until nearly 4 pm, and got a lot done.  there's really just a couple more days to go on it.   i got a lot more of the pattern filled in and created the covered bridge painting.  one of the kids who has been helping suggested a peddle car.  i said ok, and we've now got a cool little peddle car on the floor by the bookcase.  the mural is coming along.  the pattern is quite striking in the way it meanders through the wall.
where we stopped today.

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