Monday, February 25, 2013

reconfiguring for friday's show

letter blocks say what
i've been in the studio most of the day preparing all of my work and products for the installation and opening of the show this coming friday.  shit.  it's monday.  i'm running way short on time.  i have to decide how i'm going to install all this stuff.  i have an "L" shaped corner space with 2 brick walls and a logo to cover up, probably about 20 feet of running wall space.  i'm debating building some kind of structure to hang/shelve it all on.  but it's monday.  i need to probably be working on that if that's gonna be happening.  i can also hang things (like the door in the image to your left) from a rafter bar that looks to be about a foot out from the wall.

i'll, more or less, be showing the work from midwestern landscapes, only, with a reconfigured layout, some updates, edits, and reassembles.  this time around i'll have a much more urban space to install.  and where bear's mill was beautifully rustic, and pulled all the small town, rural life vibe out of the piece; i'm hoping the concrete walls of the upland room at the murphy arts center will provide a more urban, fast-paced, and powerful vibe.

i made a few new pieces.  the door to the left is the main re-do.  it was a sky and power lines at bear's mill.  now it is covered in patterns, buildings and people walking around on iphones.  it has several layers.  i actually painted it once, thought i liked it, realized it was shit, and then repainted it to get what you see at your left.  but all those layers are what give it that grimy guttery glow.

i've also been using my bigger, more elaborate stencils to make some 'prints' on paper.  after the success of the 5" x 5" prints w/ spray paint, i decided i should just do some copies of some of my favorite stencils.  this will help use them up too.  all the images are in a very limited run, because the stencils lose detail really fast, but thats great, because then i can retire them.  i needed to find a way to make versions of the stencils people can actually afford, since the installations and the public art are not exactly feasible for your living room.  well, maybe they are.

letter blocks say what
here's the town skyline stencil on paper.  there's 4 prints in the series.  this stencil is no where in particular.  it borrows from several places and mashes it all into one skyline, it's one of my favorites because i love the exaggerated perspective with the high contrast black and white, and adding the fading sky gives it a great evening glow.

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