Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Foam City Rises

After a two month hiatus, Foam City is back. Last weekend, artists Camilo Martinez and Gabriel Zea hosted Networked Objects, a workshop that turned ordinary household appliances into art. Next Tuesday, killer BOB, Joey Molinaro, and Elder Scrolls will be performing at 9pm. As an alternative art and performance space in the city, Foam City is back and bringing Lafayette something new. 

Zach's studio has been housed at Foam City for the past year.  It began as an empty industrial garage and now boasts a collection of artist studio spaces, a raw gallery space for new media and contemporary exhibits, as well as a stage and performance space that will often feature an eclectic array of music and performance art.  

Here are some photos from around the space.  

walking toward the front of the building.  big green door.  you can't miss it from the street.
the hallway between the studios
The outside wall of one of the studio spaces
funny lah
a few random stencils/cartoons/ads/and so forth from the walls around the space.

Find out about upcoming events on Foam City's Facebook page.

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