Saturday, February 16, 2013

a colorful night

last night's opening went very well. we were crowded all night.  most of the night we were so crowded that you couldn't hear the movie in the theater. i guess that's why they ask for quiet at the movies. in fact, i can't remember what the hell i did last night. i feel like it just flew passed, and i have no clue what i said to anyone. it was a lot of fun though. pete was in one part of the gallery talking to the guests, craig in another. and i just kinda meandered through the space talking to everyone that stopped me.

artists' own
zach medler

the mural was a raging success. all night long people were drawing on it. making marks and coloring; occasionally making a mess and destroying some beautiful work underneath, but that is part of the point. temporality is an important part of art, because it allows for a dynamic vision of creation. one that doesn't stop, but rather continues with whoever wants to put their mark on the wall. art is democratic, giving everyone who wishes to speak a voice with a pen. it does not have to be authoritarian or elitist.

(photo credit: Pete Brown's Art)

the ritz and midwest existential were a hit. people really seemed to enjoy and appreciate the 4D experience of going to the 'theater' to see the film. i had many people come up to me and tell me it reminded them of the old smalltown or village theaters that they went to as kids or had memories of from somewhere. i made a simulacrum, and that's the fun of it. it really can relate to anyone's idea/interpretation of what that experience of 'the theater' is or was.

artists' own
zach medler

one girl interacted with the piece like it was her own personal playhouse, talking to the ticket booth guy, and 'buying' tickets for everyone (she was quite a generous little kid), and always called me 'sir,' which was a bit embarrassing for me, but she seemed to really enjoy herself and that is what i care about when people come to experience my installations. she has no reference to the vaudevillian textures and color tones i plastered all over the walls, but her experience was her own, and that is valuable.  especially for a child. and her imagination was impressive. i hope she can keep it is she grows up.

the wall worked in a similar way, more with the adults though. kids know how to draw on the wall. it's as innate as language itself. adults typically have to be prodded a bit though. but you could see, as they added small timid marks that grew into larger ideas, their walls breaking down a bit. i think everyone had fun with it. and stressing the temporal nature of it was good and help people not be quite so afraid to add their touch to it.

it was a fun night. thanks to pete brown and craig martin, whose works helped bring artists' own a new crowd of visitors, and a new aesthetic. and thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed the night with us. we wouldn't be able to do these things without your support. that's the nature of art. the audience is just as important as the maker. so thank you all.

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