Friday, February 1, 2013

10 things other than the Super Bowl ...

Happy February! What are your plans for the weekend? My dear friend Jennie will be visiting all the way from Washington, DC, and I am looking forward to spending some time with her. 

Well if you are living in the US, you know it's Super Bowl weekend. Regardless of whether or not you are a football fan, you've probably been bombarded by countless advertisements on TV urging you to buy a new TV that will enhance your Super Bowl viewing experience, grocery ads that are all about Super Bowl food trays and special deals on beer, and/or seen a good number of recipes for appetizers and snacks that are geared towards Sunday's game. I am not a football fan. Are you?  I don't watch it because I find it too testosterone-y, too medieval.

Here are some fun suggestions and interesting links to perk up your weekend if you are looking for something (other than watching football) to do ...

Write a one sentence story. Not all of us can be great storytellers -- some people get bogged down by details, some mess up sequences, and others are just plain boring. Challenge yourself to tell a story in a single sentence!

Watch the halftime Puppy Bowl. Puppies are way cuter than large dudes lumbering after a ball.

Or if you've ever watched The Simpsons and found yourself wishing Itchy and Scratchy was a real cartoon, you can now watch every Itchy and Scratchy episode here!

If you're not into cartoons, watch some Sundance Short Films here.

Make something crafty, like this beautiful wreath.

Make an Etsy treasury or ten. Who doesn't love scouring Etsy for new finds?

Read a book. Need a suggestion? My cousin Bernice loves The History of Love by Nicole Krauss. I've heard it's great. We have the book but I haven't had a chance to read it yet.

Find five other people who love fashion and hate the Super Bowl and resolve to all participate in the Fantasy Fashion League (for next year). Apparently it's the trendy thing for "football widows" to do. Thank goodness I'm not that desperate! (and Zach reminded me that I don't have five friends; or at least 5 who would be interested anyway!)

Eat at a fancy restaurant. No reservations needed, since most of America will be at home or at some kind of sports bar watching the game.

I could say "do your taxes," but that is neither fun nor interesting. So instead, I suggest taking a personality test. The Myer-Briggs has been around since 1962. Zach and I have both done it and we think it's pretty accurate!

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