Sunday, February 24, 2013

fun news!

I have a Facebook page! Well, kinda, sorta ...

zach medler

Zach and I jumped on the Facebook wagon really late. We had just gotten married and we thought having an account was a good and efficient way we could stay in touch with friends and family. But instead of having separate accounts, I've been "sharing" Zach's for a while now. Zach has been super patient and generous, allowing me to post cat pictures and chat with my cousins in his name whenever I want. But I think it's time ... our blog could use a FB page and I could be the one to manage it. I can use it to share as many cat pictures as I want, as often as I want to. And of course, my friends who were previously too shy to communicate with "Zach," can now interact with me on the new page!

So, if you'd like to, you can now find the blog (and me!) here on Facebook.

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