Tuesday, August 14, 2012

{rObOts invade} Studio 654

zach medler robots

this morning i got up and went into the studio to print the robot blocks that i cut yesterday.  it's a moveable image that i think i can have a lot of fun with.  then i made a few paper-and-wire robots real quick for a project later in the day.

after lunch, mindy and i were off to indy.  the Basile Shop at the Indianapolis Arts Center (IAC) is changing into a supply shop for the students, and will therefore no longer carry my work.  so we stopped in and picked up the leftovers (which was like re-opening a kiln since i haven't made anything in clay since last november). we're planning on dividing the pieces between artists' own and Etsy. there were several very nice fall pieces left, including a couple of teapots i'd forgotten i made.  anyway, it'll be nice to update some clay work without updating any clay work.

zach medler robots

after our short stop by IAC, we drove a block down the road to visit my friend, justin vining's studio.  he was busy working on some watercolors when we arrived and had some music going, so we slyly bombed his front lawn with the robots i'd made earlier.  then we hollered in the door to say hello.  his dog, watson, greeted us in the manner of a puppy, because, well, he's a puppy.  justin and i were at purdue together and we both make our living in the arts.  we talked for an hour or so, kicking around ideas, and experiences.  he has a great studio.  it's a warm space that has a lot of energy.  there are paintings hanging everywhere and a great plywood table.  it's a great space to create in.  check out his work on his website or hit him up on facebook.


Patricia G said...

I love your robot prints and the cut out figures. Done any animation?

Zach Medler said...

we have done some stop motion animation with some of the elements from my 'county fair' installation, but not yet with these robots. however, that maybe in the near future. keep watching for them...i have a few fun things planned for these guys in the coming week+ ;)

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