Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Annual Cup Show at Charlie Cummings Gallery

Both Zach and I enjoy supporting fellow artists whenever we can. Last year, I perused the Cup: The Intimate Object X show online and ended up purchasing two really beautiful handmade ceramic mugs. But this year, since we are on a much tighter budget, I tried my very best to resist looking at the new offerings. 

Top to bottom, left to right: Brad Schweiger, Maria Dondero, Patrick Rademaker, Sue Tirrell, Lorna Meaden, Deborah Schwartzkopf, Philip Wiggs, Barry Rhodes, Tilla Rodemann        

The fact that this post exists means I ultimately caved. I didn't purchase any cups, but I had a good time looking at all of them (almost 900 pieces!!). If you are in the market for a beautiful handmade work of art, check out the Cup: The Intimate Object XI show here.

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