Wednesday, October 7, 2015

reincarnations (after the buff)

after i buffed a whole series of assemblage work, i began thinking about what to do with them. we had just visited my parents and for some reason the drive seemed really flat, all the fields and sky and landscape features were looking like flat color shapes to me. i thought i should reapproach my paintings with that in mind. so i turned the first one into the landscape i had just driven through, using just a few colors. that made me think of concepts of where nature and structure intersect. so i did a piece all in black white and grey, then sprayed a waving and hazy tree shadow over the assemblage, so it resembles the hodgepodge side of a building. then it was on to other ideas. i painted a wide angle landscape on a left over piece of galvenized siding with little street lights and car lights in the black of the landscape silhouette. i began also tearing apart the assemblages i didn't like, and then reassembling them into new forms. i really liked the plasticy spray paint with the natural surfaces of the found objects, so instead of painting the assemblage as i typically do, i left it be, and started building on similar ideas. i'm moving away from all of the narrative imagery that has defined much of my work over the past decade, and it seems i'm moving more to something abstract, focusing as much on what is already there, as what i wish to add.

'indiana fields'
'shadow of a tree'
'on the edge of the suburbs'
'untitled assemblage'
'untitled assemblage'
'seed mill'

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