Monday, October 19, 2015

Our Blog Turns 4 ... and a very special announcement!

Our blog turns four today!

We realize we haven't updated quite as frequently as we used to, so thank you for following along if you're still reading. To our loyal readers, we have a very special announcement to make. After holding our tongues for months, Zach and I are overjoyed to share that we are expecting a baby!

I'm happy to report that the pregnancy has been smooth-sailing thus far. Everything regarding growing a baby has felt so incredibly magical to me. I'm a chronic worrier, but that doesn't seem to faze this baby. This tiny one is an easy-going camper who jumps for joy over ice-cream, loves belly rubs, warm showers, long rides in the car, kicking Zach in the head, and stomping on my bladder.

And while we are already head over heels in love with this little one, we're honestly still trying to figure out how much of baby we'll be sharing on the blog. We don't want to turn this space into a mommy blog, but we'll definitely let you know when baby gets here! :)

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