Sunday, March 2, 2014

Recipe Makeover

we are starting a new monthly recipe series on the blog called RE:MAKE.  

zach medler blog

mindy and i are taking the traditional meals that i ate as a kid, and transforming them into something tastier and less processed. we will be adjusting flavor profiles and cooking methods, while keeping in mind that time is short, food is expensive, and simplicity is key.

these are mostly meals that i hated eating as a kid.  it was what the coupons afforded us at the grocery store.  and it was the recipes out of the same betty crocker cook book that everyone has.  so i imagine that if you live in the midwest you most likely grew up eating beef and noodles or salmon patties or chicken pot pie or texas hash or pork and beans or chili or all of the above.  i hated all these things as a kid, but i see their potential. now we are going to turn them edible and hopefully delicious.  one per month.

p.s. we'd love to hear your suggestions of recipes to makeover.

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