Monday, March 31, 2014

opening day 2014

it's opening day!  finally.  baseball calls out the end of the winter in the crack of the bat.  it means (hopefully) no more frost until the end of fall.  with that in mind, yesterday mindy and i spent our entire day out in the garden.  we planted a ton of starter plants for our greenhouse and got a bunch of the boxes planted with spring greens and veggies.  garden planted before opening day.  check.  now it's time for baseball.

last year mindy and i packed up and headed to the official-opening-day-of-the-world in cincinnati.  this year i got a head start on the excitement by painting the left corner of wrigley field onto the brick wall at DT Kirby's.  but beyond that, the spring training teaser has been as punch-you-in-the-face as the weather that we've had this year.  my favorite team since childhood has been the cincinnati reds.  they will open the season against the st. louis cardinals (aka the whiny little bitches [WLBs]).  the reds will start with EIGHT players on the disabled list (that is nearly 1/3 of the supposed opening day roster).  so that's a bit gloomy, but it's baseball and it's opening day so there is always hope.

zach medler block print

for those of us in the midwest you either love the cardinals or you hate them.  so whether you're a cubs fan, reds fan, brewers fan, pirates fan, indians fan, tigers fan, sox fan, or a royals fan, the cardinals are who you hate.  their fans are who you detest.  and there is plenty of spilled-beer history to back this up.  and let's face it.  baseball may look like the yankees and the dodgers to the rest of the known world, but here in the midwest, we know that baseball [outside of stupid money] has nothing to do with the 2 coasts.  all the excitement lives in that space between pittsburgh, cincy, st. louis and chicago.  it is still tied together by train tracks.  it is still welcomed with a beer and a hot dog on a cool afternoon.  it welcomes the spring like the first asparagus that begins to peek through the frozen dirt.  it is opening day and it should be a national holiday.  welcome to the spring.  welcome to the green.  welcome to the long slow summer.  go reds!

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