Friday, March 7, 2014

{Five For Friday} 5 Signs of Life in the Garden

it's march.  indiana in march is still quite awful.  i remember track meets after spring break where the steeplechase pit had a thin sheen of ice on it.  but things are melting.  finally.  i went out to look in the garden this morning and i peeked under the little cave i made for our potted blueberries, raspberry, and others i didn't want to die.  lo and behold!  signs of life!  all of the fruit bushes have little buds on them.  and the perennials have begun to peek life above last year's dead leaves.  it's super exciting, just that the plants lived through the -40 degree days this winter.  here's five signs of life:

1.  blueberries!

2.  raspberries!

3.  chives!

4.  strawberries!

5.  signs of the feral cat that our cat likes to fight through the fence!

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