Thursday, August 8, 2013

special thanks

mindy has been an integral part of county fair from its inception in 2010.  she has been there to bounce ideas off of, to tell me when i'm destroying things, and to offer great ideas on how to expand the show. the short films were her idea (many were her directorial vision also), and her little finishing details like the stuffed animals and the new bunting flags have really helped to give an approachability to the work that i would have otherwise struggled to develop on my own.  she always helps to install my shows, to market and promote them, and to manage all of the shit i forget to consider.  she most certainly deserves much of the credit for county fair becoming what it has become.  she may not be good with a hammer, she may not be able to man-handle large items from dumpsters, and cut stencils and linoblocks en masse, but she is the driving force behind the details and the conversation that develops the concepts.  without her, there is no county fair, and more and more, her physical work is showing up in the installation.

the stuffed strawberry queen is her drawing, transferred to a block print.  she then printed, cut, sewed, stuffed and embroidered all of the dolls (and i must say they are damn cute, and damn good).

she cut, sewed and hung all of the bunting flags that are really the space defining feature of the exhibit. they lower the 20 foot ceilings to a manageable height without physically lowering it.

i hope you will come to the opening on friday evening. i know it will mean as much to her as it does to me.

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