Monday, June 17, 2013

last day at acadia

first three pictures are of jordan pond

after rising early to watch the first light hit the eastern shores, we returned for a short nap, then ate breakfast, packed our bags, and went back to acadia for one last trip through the park before we headed back to portland to fly home tomorrow morning.  the drive through the park was a bit of a spur of the moment decision, but it was a good decision.

@ sand beach

we decided we'd just take a drive around the park road loop before heading off.  we ended up spending the better part of the morning.  the weather was perfect, with blue skies, a warm sun, and a cool breeze. we stopped several times to take pictures and just stare at the amazing features of acadia.  we stopped by the aptly named sand beach (most are covered with granite boulders and stones), where we walked out to the atlantic waves crashing across the beach.  mindy's face lit up, as she ran out ahead of the rest of us to the water.  she may not be all that into the woods (it does have bugs), but crashing waves give her the same kind of excitement i get from climbing mountains.  it was wonderful to see.  her dad told me how he used to take her to changi beach in singapore when she was a kid.  then she turned around and looked at us with the same grin that i've seen in their old family photos.  pure joy and wonder.

@ thunder hole

after walking through the sand and letting the icy waves wash across our feet, we got back in the car and continued on.  we stopped along the granite cliffs with the waves crashing.  i climbed down the rocks and checked out the tidal pools which were filled with mussels and other little sea life going about their days.  it was so cool.  a world within a world.  after some more pictures and wandering we piled back in the car and finished out the park loop, then began our drive back to portland.

as we made our way off mt. desert island i could see a huge storm brewing ahead of us, and about two or three towns down the road it began to pour.  and i mean pour.  it was a long drive down small roads and through tiny towns, but we made it back safely.  after we returned to portland, we finished off our trip with one last lobster at j's oyster bar.  i think i'm lobstered out, but it was worth it.

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