Saturday, June 15, 2013

from rockland to bar harbor

this morning we set off for bar harbor and acadia national park.  we began our day with a breakfast provided by our wonderful hosts at Berry Manor Inn B&B.  and i must say again, if you're going to rockland for any reason, primo or otherwise, please stay with them.  they are really a top notch place with wonderful people who will treat you like you're the president.

just outside of town we stopped off at the rockland harbor breakwater light and walked out on the pier that is about 1k long. the breeze blowing in off the bay was so refreshing that i couldn't help but take deep breaths of it. there were lobster traps floating off the edge a ways and fisherman filling their coolers with mackerel, sailboats drifting passed and a few barely visible windmills spinning on the far shore.  i jumped off the pier and onto a giant boulder to draw from its perspective.  mindy asked me to pose like a mermaid, which i did, then i jumped down and collected a few shells before double-timing it to the end of the pier.  the sky was just amazingly clear, and jumping the cracks in the giant granite blocks was fun for a slight morning run.

we then all piled back into the car for a scenic drive the rest of the way up the coast to bar harbor.  we passed through many quaint new england towns with the sea visible to the south nearly the entire way.  just before bucksport we crossed a giant suspension bridge where you could see forever.  it was a great scenic drive.  we arrived and settled in, wandered around a bit, drank some beers, and ate some lobsters.  tomorrow mindy's dad will play some seaside golf, mindy and her mom plan to go whale watching, and i am going to acadia to get lost in the woods (hopefully not really lost).

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