Tuesday, June 11, 2013

hello from providence, RI

today was my introduction to driving in NYC.  scary man.  not so much scary like driving in chicago where you have to worry about getting run over by semis, more fear of hitting a cyclist or pedestrian that seem to appear out of nowhere.  mindy and i picked up our rental car in chelsea then swerved through rush hour traffic in midtown to pick up her parents at the hotel.  then we weaved our way along the hudson and out of town and on our way to providence, ri.

we got to providence early in the afternoon.  we wandered around a bit, then i split off from mindy and her parents who went shopping while i went sketching.  i always carry my sketchbook with me, and it's a great way to interact with a new environment, much more so than a camera.  i walked around a lot of the downtown area, including the arts district, checked out the the state capitol, and the river.

providence seems like a pretty sleepy little town, quaint and comfortable, but we are mostly just here on a stopover on our way to maine.  but i have a feeling mindy and i may be back.

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