Saturday, November 10, 2012

west lafayette mural: day 7

day 7 of painting started a bit late because we opened the 'beyond the wall' show at artists' own this morning.  our recently re-elected state representative, Sheila Klinker, was on hand to read the book to the children, and the artists were on hand to sign copies.  i was there to help with the interactive portion of the show, getting kids to draw on the wall and make the monsters.  the 'storybook project' has been disappointing.  no one has participated.  i only have the 3 samples i gave out for free.  i guess people don't understand why i would have them pay to participate in something they cannot keep.

we started on the wall a little before 1pm and painted until a bit before 5.  today went slow as we had several people stop by to chat and take pictures.  we still made a lot of progress on the front north wall, though.  most of the robots are complete.  i mostly just have the big white one to finish.  pete is doing much of the patina work, while i'm re-drawing and adding the stenciled elements and details.  it's making the work go a lot faster to have his help.

we still have the south front wall to finish up.  thankfully, most of it is freehand, as many of the stencils are getting destroyed by the paint and the wind and the dirt and just generally being outside and made of paper.  its supposed to be warm tomorrow, but windier than today.  that could be an issue with the spray paint.  we have most of the south wall to complete and then background details, which i'll probably finish later on when we have another decent day.  but if it is nice tomorrow we'll get the rest of the robots finished up.



I'm liking this mural a lot. Impressed with your artistry and undaunted effort. Would very much like one or six of these in Denver :)

Zach Medler said...

thanks would be cool to do one of these in denver...i've actually been checking national calls for these types of projects and i think there maybe an open call for a space in denver right maybe :)

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