Thursday, November 29, 2012


Officially unveiled!

people who were integral in making the mural happen.  thank you.
front north wall.  that little fella flyin around with the jet pack is my astrObOt tribute to neil armstrong who has made a few appearances around armstrong hall of engineering at purdue.  there's a QR code on the top television that leads you to the 'making of' video.
front south wall.  initially this wall was a mess.  but now i think it may be my favorite.
back north wall.  the gold robot in the construction helmet is troweling in the concrete as a tribute to the folks that build this badass canvas.  the QR code is on the end of the board that the green robot holds.
back south wall.  i'm so glad i got good enough weather to be able to paint in the pipes.  they are such a fun part of these walls.

Check out this time-lapse video that Pete made!

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