Wednesday, November 28, 2012

installation day at Bear's Mill

mindy and i went to greenville, ohio today to install my new show at the gallery at historic bear's mill.  what a cool place.  we had an easy and enjoyable drive there, chatting and bullshitting about i can't remember what.  we stopped and ate lunch in an empty steak 'n shake at 10:30 in the morning, which is always an interesting stopover.

when we arrived at bear's mill julie greeted us and showed us around the space a bit.  we began unpacking and talking through a layout.  mindy always helps me when i do things like this.  she has a great eye and usually keeps me from making mistakes.  it was a fun install this time (they are not all fun).  the mill had christmas music playing all day which mindy knows i only secretly enjoy (until i can't take anymore [but it's only the end of november, so ok]).  what started out daunting kind of began to build itself as we began putting things on the wall.  it's a great work for this space.  the old blended with the new.  the spray paint in the ancient (but still working) mill.  the work and the space complement each other so well.  i'm very happy with the finished result.  there is so much to discover in it and in the warm glow of the wooden mill, it's easy to spend time doing so.

after we finished our install, we explored the mill a bit.  again, what a cool place.  we wandered upstairs where all the mill machinery is.  all the huge gears and old leather belts.  it was a steampunk paradise.

after playing around a bit, we walked outside and down a straw-covered trail.  the river and the dam and the flood lock house and the brisk air and the setting sun and leafless trees.  awesome.

we drove back and stopped in indy for dinner at some shitty overpriced italian place in irvington.  but we had a fun day and the show looks good.  the opening is on friday at 6pm.  i'll be giving a short lecture about the installation at 7pm.  if you live around the area, please come to the show.  stop in greenville for a world famous Maid-Rite and come check out how we've transformed the space in bear's mill.

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