Thursday, November 8, 2012

west lafayette mural: day 5

what the hell happened to the sun?  today was supposed to be bright and sunny, warm and wonderful, so of course we'd be painting out at the wall.  the fog was heavy this morning, but promised to burn off later in the day, but the sun never came out and the fog just turned into that kind of bronchitis-causing-cold humidity.  i loaded up a couple of boxes of paint and headed out.

pete met me at 11 and we started in finishing up all of the base colors.  then we got to start in on the fun part: the details.  we added the patina to the surfaces using layers of spray paint, rust for the grey and white robots, copper for the green.  then i started shading and adding in stencils of gears and motors and doing all the interior detail work.  while i was doing that, pete was reapplying many of the smaller stencils on the front walls.  in all, we completed 4 big robots and started 5 or 6 others and finished up several of the smaller stencil elements.  the images really start to come off the wall with the details added in, and things are beginning to come together.

pete is in indy tomorrow, and the weather is supposed to be good, so i'll be on my own out there, unless i can talk mindy into joining me.  with 3 good weather days in the forecast i'm hoping to get this piece finished up.  things are looking promising and we are hopeful.

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