Wednesday, February 8, 2012

trash treasure trove

fly over, 2010

it's snowing in indiana today...just a bit only though.  it has been a very mild winter thus far and we're getting down into february.  hopefully more snow will hold off until the weekend when we've returned from the closing reception for county fair in kentucky.


yesterday i decided to venture into cleaning up the garage/print studio/woodshop and instead of making headway packing up tools and toys, i decided i'd try to get rid of some 'trash' by creating some assemblage frames to paint.  i got 4 layed out and 3 put together yesterday, i hope to equal that today.  i haven't painted one of these structures in a couple of years, but constructing the form is at least as challenging as putting paint on the canvas.  i like to reuse materials when i can.  i paint over canvases and rework sculpture.  i use as much of my scraps and trash as is possible.  i even picked up some guy's table base from off the curb last night when mindy and i went for our walk.

zach medler
untitled, 2010

these paintings have been wildly popular for me.  they look quite interesting as they are, even with out paint on them, and that can make me a bit timid to paint them, but once i get the gesso whitewashing all the surfaces, the shapes really pop out.  then i can manipulate the way the colors and images play.  the way they are put together, combined with the color palette i gravitate towards, and the 'print' imagery create an incredible cobbled-together-from-collected-shit aesthetic that is quite definitive of the environment i come from.  keep an eye out for where this next series will show up.

crows in the corn, 2010
zach medler
city of wind, 2010

we'll keep you posted! :)

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