Tuesday, February 21, 2012

studio moving day one

studio moving day one:  the basement flood

we've been out of the clay studio in portland for a month or so now, however, we haven't moved anything to the new location yet.  last night we came back to begin packing up equipment and to finish out the last few custom orders from etsy and some student work from the previous semester.  what we found only created more work.

the basement flooded sometime in the middle of last week.  all the of the carboard boxes are soaked to the rim.  thankfully they are mostly packed with ceramics and not paintings, prints or the water-destructible like.  but the mats, the buckets, the clay, the plaster recycle pans, the tools, shelves, and tables are all sitting in water.  the sump pump died, just in time to flood my shit.

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