Sunday, February 19, 2012

Food for Thought ...

Zach and I are self-professed foodies. We love to eat and have adventurous palettes that are always up for something new. We plan our weekly menus and try to shop for our food as conscientiously as we can. Lately, that has been a near-impossible task. When did it become unreasonable to ask for REAL food at the grocery store, something that is not a GMO or laden with poison?

(link to sign the petition is here)

It is hard to live in Indiana and have to see big corporations take over the farm lands. The beautiful dark soils are destroyed in the name of greed. Farmers are exploited in the name of profit. This behavior is a direct violation of the ethics of life. You either have to be ignorant or misinformed to be apathetic about the food you ingest.

Here are some links on the topic of food from around the web:

a new film in the works

a great resource about real food

a shopping guide

a scary list. You'll look at this and wonder what's left to eat ...

feed yourself!


organic food recipes to try at home

be afraid. Be very afraid.

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Marija Jacimovic said...

Hey, thanks a lot for posting our video "Food Rules". We made this film as an entry for RSA Competition, so If you wanna support us, please give us your vote. Voting closes tomorrow. March 2nd ----> Many thanks!!!

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