Friday, February 10, 2012

why do you make art?

We had a wonderful time at the closing reception for county fair yesterday. The good-sized crowd of students and faculty were welcoming and generous with their thoughts and comments on the show. Zach gave a little talk, fielded some questions from the audience, and got stumped when a woman asked him why he made the piece! So profound, this Socratic "why." How do you explain to someone that you made a particular work because you were compelled to?!! Making art, for Zach, is simply an affair of living ... I think. He observes, he reflects, he brainstorms, and he makes. It is not a cathartic process, but rather, an experiential concept that includes an involvement of the mind and the spirit of creativity.

We are bringing county fair back to Portland tonight. If the weather is nice next week, we'll set it up in the parking lot by the furniture store and just wait to see what happens! We think the work will be at its best in a non-gallery setting. No intimidating white walls and watchful eyes. Perhaps people will be more inclined to really interact and play with the piece!

Thank you Rachel Ray for giving us this opportunity to show the work in Elizabethtown! :)

p.s. a news article regarding the show can be read here.

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