Saturday, August 18, 2012

{Etsy Treasury} Earth, Fire, and Glaze

BR Cup 4
porcelain chawan - bowl...
Red Orange ceramic Jar ...
Faceted Stoarage Jar
12 White Ceramic Modern...
Four Shino Bowls - Porc...
gold lustered shino mat...
Sage Green Cup
Earthenware Bowl
Plump Mug, Turquoise
Teal Porcelain Coffee M...
Ceramic Teapot
Salt Fired Faceted Octa...
Wood Fired Stoneware Cu...
Small Carved Jar, hand ...
Teapot - Stoneware Pott...

It feels a little redundant to say how much Zach and I have missed working in clay. It certainly has not been easy for Zach to take the year off, but he has been coping well by staying busy with painting and printing. I like to think we're on a temporary "claycation." He will most definitely be returning to clay. But till that day comes, I've put together this Etsy treasury and filled it with pieces I personally love and covet. 

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